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Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) Awards

About the Awards

Group ASI is a provider of global events and organizer of communities for the global construction industry that aim to increase awareness and adoption of project performance and construction productivity initiatives and technologies – primarily Advanced Work Packaging and related practices.

Since the early 2000s, with the support of key industry associations and forward-thinking organizations with which we have strategic alliances, we have made Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning-focused conferences, summits, workshops, training programs, virtual events and webinars available and accessible to thousands of construction professionals.

In 2021, Group ASI introduced the Advanced Work Packaging Awards Program – in collaboration with the Construction Industry Institute (CII).

Award Categories & Criteria

There are several categories of awards in this program, including:

AWP Leadership Awards

Awarded to individuals whose responsibility has a North American, European, or Global scope and who have made significant contributions to AWP within their organization and within the construction industry.

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AWP Project Awards

Awarded for AWP implementation excellence on large, greater-than USD $100M projects and small, less-than USD $100M projects.

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AWP Innovation Award

Awarded to recognize innovators in project performance and construction productivity directly within or adjacent to the AWP domain.

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The deadline for all nominations is August 31st, 2023.

2023 Awards will be given out at the AWP Conference 2023: North America in Houston Texas, November 2023.

Scholarship Categories & Criteria

There are several categories of sponsorhips in this program, including:

AWP Future Leader Scholarships

The Future Leaders Scholarships are a leadership development initiative that identifies and nurtures individuals under 30 with potential to become future leaders. Through training, mentorship, networking, and hands-on experiences, participants develop the skills and knowledge required for leadership roles in their fields or organizations, preparing them for future success.

Scholarship Outline and Criteria

Group ASI and AWP University have united to offer two prestigious scholarships:

  • The John Fish Award – Future Leaders Award
  • The Jay Moser Award – Future Leaders Award

Each scholarship includes:

  • Full ride, Level 3 scholarship in your preferred learning path
  • Registration to Group ASI’s AWP Conference in Houston, TX, on October 10 & 11

The John Fish and Jay Moser Awards are open to talented individuals under 30.

AWP Future Leaders Application Form >

AWP Women in Construction Scholarship

The Women in Construction Scholarship is an initiative aimed at supporting and empowering women in the construction industry. This program provides resources, mentorship, networking opportunities, and training specifically tailored to address the unique challenges women face in the male-dominated field. They seek to promote diversity, equality, and career advancement for women in construction. 

Scholarship Outline and Criteria

Group ASI and AWP University have united to offer two prestigious scholarships:

  • The Jan Shumate Award – Women in Construction Award

This scholarship includes:

  • Full ride, Level 3 scholarship in your preferred learning path
  • Registration to Group ASI’s AWP Conference in Houston, TX, on October 10 & 11, 2023

The Jan Shumate Award is open to all women in construction.

AWP Women in Construction Application Form >

The deadline for all nominations is August 31st, 2023.

Previous Award Winners

There are several categories of awards in this program, including:

2022 North America Leadership Award

Kenny Kelly

Kenny Kelly

Kenny has been involved with AWP from its earliest inception when he worked at CommonPoint developing AWP software tools under the guidance of Bill McSherry and Ted Blackmon. Kenny supported countless projects and teams in adopting AWP as well a ConstructSim. Kenny’s background in the piping trades and ability to interact with the digital world earned him respect as a highly sought-after subject matter expert. In 2017, Kenny joined Construct-X and began supporting the development of Dow’s AWP Program under the leadership of Deb McNeil and John Coombs. It didn’t take long for Dow to recognize Kenny’s capability and hired him as the Workface Planning Global Improvement Leader to build Dow’s AWP Program to roll out across the enterprise. Under Kenny’s leadership, the initial launch of Dow’s AWP Program on their first pilot was a resounding well documented success that has been generously shared with industry. Kenny has worked tirelessly in furthering Dow’s success including building an enviable team of subject matter experts that he deploys to projects and working with both internal and external stakeholders to support and continuously improve the AWP experience at Dow.

2022 Global Leadership Award

Jay Moser

Jay Moser

Jay Moser with Shell has actively been involved with the implementation of AWP at the owner level since it was first named a best practice by the Construction Industry Institute. He’s been integral to educating the industrial construction market from the owners’ perspective by participating in conferences, global communities of practice groups, and other AWP-focused events. He also inspired the CII AWP Community for Business Advancement to create standard data requirements, which resulted in one of the fastest Joint Work Group deliverables – a 6 month labor of love by the technical team. That group continues to iterate on other AWP data specific challenges. Jay’s ability to educate and innovate linking people, technology, and processes, is unrivaled. It is clear he is passionate about improving project outcomes, even when faced with resistance to change. We are excited to see how he leads into the future. Congratulations Jay!!

2022 Group ASI Innovation Award

CII AWP Data Requirements Joint Working Group

CII AWP Data Requirements Joint Working Group

Accepted by Tom Morris

This team was nominated for the innovation award for the following reasons:

  1. Typical Construction Industry Institute (CII) teams take 2 years to complete their work and publish their findings AWP-DR-JWG published their first report only 3 months after they started their work, and they did this by:
    • Leveraging already available industry resources
    • Following an aggressive development schedule with weekly rather than monthly meetings
  2. The AWP Data requirements were used by another research team to aid in the development of digital threads to increase the visibility of the supply chain
  3. AWP-DR-JWG is pursuing multiple objectives:
      • Expanding the AWP Data Requirements
      • Working with established bodies to get AWP Data requirements added to global standards
      • Developing a data model for AWP Data requirements

    AWP-DR-JWG – innovative, productive and the winner of the AWP Innovation award

2022 AWP Large Project Award

LNG Canada Project(COOEC Module Fabrication Yard) in Qing dao, China

LNG Canada Project(COOEC Module Fabrication Yard) in Qing dao, China

People left to right: Jay Moser, Mikitaka Hayashi, Shinjiro Yanai, and Lloyd Rankin

This project was part of a multi-billion dollar project with global reach, the definition of a large project. Shell and JGC planned and executed the installation of the first core process module of the Canadian liquefied natural gas(LNG) project. The module was built by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), was completed and delivered at the Qingdao site using AWP principles. The team should be complemented for their focus and attention to detail, just the start of more great things to come.

2021 North America Leadership Award

Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert

Mark Lambert received multiple letters of support with his nomination for AWP Leadership Award – North America. Mark was recognized as a well-respected leader that fully committed to leading the team that created Eastman’s AWP program. Peers, contractors, and supervisors all praised Mark’s competence and credited him with creating a sustainable program that help to transform how his company delivered projects. Congratulations Mark!!

2021 Global Leadership Award

Jamie Gerbrecht

Jamie Gerbrecht

Jamie Gerbrecht supported ExxonMobil through the development of their AWP initiative. The AWP transformation was truly global and involved EPCs, contractors and partners. Jamie’s calm strong leadership style is respected by those who report to him. Jamie’s experience spans over 40 years and he led the team responsible for the implementation of AWP across the ExxonMobil organization his leadership is quite remarkable. Congratulations Jamie!!

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