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Project Performance and Construction Productivity Improvement

What is Advanced Work Packaging?

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a practice that encourages the proper use of scheduling and stakeholder engagement to ensure a construction project is efficient and stays on budget. According to the Construction Industry Institute, out-of-sequence construction wastes time and money (approximately 25% cost overruns and 33% schedule overruns).

AWP methodologies are fully scalable and can drive increased project productivity across multiple sectors of the construction industry.


decrease in cost overruns


decrease in schedule overruns

Benefits of AWP

Upcoming Events

AWP Interactive Technology Summit

Marriot Marquis San Diego, California

Group ASI presents a special Advanced Work Packaging program focused on the technologies that support and enhance project delivery, including Advanced Work Packaging and other systems. Hardware and software tools […]

AWP Renewables and Infrastructure Conference

Learn how renewables and infrastructure projects can achieve better results with Advanced Work Packaging and related practices. This education and networking event will explore the use of AWP, Lean Construction, […]

AWP Conference 2023: Europe (September 2023)

TBD London

The Advanced Work Packaging conferences are supported by the European Construction Institute (ECI), and Construction Industry Institute (CII). Since 2018, this has been the premiere forum for thought leadership in […]

AWP Conference 2023: North America

TBD - NA Houston, TX

The Advanced Work Packaging conferences are supported by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA). Since 2009, this has been the premiere forum for […]

Capital Projects Leadership Forum: North America

In alignment with the AWP Conference, Group ASI will host an invitation-only Capital Projects Leadership Forum for a smaller group (no more than 50) of selectively invited senior managers representing […]

The AWP Community is Growing

Learn more about the growing Advanced Work Packaging Community of Practice network and locate a regional chapter.

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